Python Overtakes Java On GitHub

Python overtakes Java“The hit programming language Python has climbed over once-dominant Java to become the second most popular language on Microsoft-owned open-source code-sharing site GitHub.” – This is trending now !!!

Python overtakes Java
Python overtakes Java

Currently, Python outranks Java based on the number of repository contributors and by that metric. It is now second only to JavaScript, which has been in the top spot since 2014, according to GitHub’s ‘State of the Octoverse’ report for 2019.   

GitHub’s annual “State of the Octoverse” report shows that Python has overtaken Java as the second-most popular language after JavaScript, based on the primary language of repository contributors.

That is an achievement for 30-year-old Python, whose maker Guido van Rossum resigned for this present week in the wake of leaving his situation at cloud record stockpiling organization Dropbox. Which manufactured a large portion of its back-end administrations and work area applications on Python.

The development of Python is connected to expanding enthusiasm for information and AI, and GitHub said that utilization of Jupyter Notebooks has all the more at that point multiplied every year for the last three. Jupyter Notebooks are usually utilized for information perception, insights, and AI.

Python is not the fastest and most trending language; that honor belongs to Dart, which is up 532 percent. Probably thanks to the growth of Flutter, Google’s cross-platform development framework. Next is Rust, with 235 percent growth. Python was up by 151 percent, which is impressive given that it was already a top-three language.

Stats as provided by GitHub
Stats as provided by GitHub

Coming after, Microsoft-backed TypeScript, its superset of JavaScript, is also growing fast, up 161% over the past year as more developers use it to grapple with large-scale JavaScript apps.  Other languages making up the top 10 fastest-growing categories are HCL, PowerShell, Apex, Python, Assembly, and Go. 

So, Python has remained a trending and outrageous programming language and remains a favorite for developers.

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