How Python Is Used At Google?

Being the adaptive nature of Python, it is one of the all-time favorite languages for developers. Either the ease of the language or its number of libraries always support developers in their work. Due to its high scope over different domains, it is widely used in almost each MNC. One of the such is Google.

The high adaptivity of Python highly supports the work environment of Google. Due to its high dependency on Python, it is declared the official language at Google alongside C++ and Java. It is famous that Google developers always praise the language and their inclination toward it. Peter Norvig, director of search quality at Google, Inc., tells about Python.

“Python has been an important part of Google since the beginning and remains so as the system grows and evolves. Today dozens of Google engineers use Python, and we’re looking for more people with skills in this language”

This clarifies that they still see a long future with python programming at Google. It’s not only Google that benefited from Python, but Google always shows its strong relationship with Python. This goes why Google always sponsors conferences with Python to support them. Moreover, due to the high engagement of google, it also promotes the language to a large audience.

Now, this is mutual respect both are sharing. But, now the question arises that how is Google using Python? So, in the subsequent sections, we will discuss how Google uses Python.

Use of Python at Google

So, there are many internal uses of Python at Google, but those which are highly using it are YouTube, Google App Engine,, and several open-source libraries. There are several Google APIs that can be accessed easily using Python. Due to its high flexibility and scalability, it is also used with other programming tools to create several monitoring systems or administrative tools.

However, discussing all of them took a lot of time. Let’s see some glimpse that explains how it is actually used at Google.

Google App Engine

Google App Engine

It is the dynamic run-time storage environment for python applications. It is the first publicly available cloud hosting platform for python applications. This was created to make cloud computing a reality, which is highly used now.



If you don’t know, youtube was bought by Google in 2006. However, from the very beginning, i.e., Python is their primary development language with the development of youtube. The whole design is in Python, whether it is control templates for websites, administer video, or access to canonical data. Even after the occupancy by Google, it is continued and is still used by Google’s YouTube.

Google Colab

Google Colab

Besides all of them, today, google colab is a free jupyter-notebook environment provided by Google that runs entirely on the cloud. We need not configure it much while using it as all the major libraries and modules are preinstalled with the last versions and compatibility. Besides all of them, we can share it with other users and work simultaneously on any project, making it more user-friendly. It also provides accessible GPUs to the users for a smooth workflow and coding experience.

Google Recommendation Engine

So, talking about a recommendation engine, we can say that it plays a vital role in expanding the viewer base for any application. The higher the visit on the page/application, the higher it could generate revenue.

Therefore, we can say that there should be an effective recommendation engine to get the application successful. For Google, in recent times, recommendation engines played an important role. Providing content based on the user’s interest draws more attention of the users towards the application, which helped it grow its viewer base to a more significant extent.

Moreover, upgrading their algorithm for recommendation engines with time helps engage more and more users from different communities and interests. This increases the revenue of google by multiple times as users’ engagement on the platform is increasing almost exponentially.

Data Analysis

So, data analysis is the process of cleaning data and then transforming and modeling data to draw meaningful conclusions extract helpful information, and decisions making. So, this clears that it must be a multi-step process to achieve the goal. However, Python has strong support in achieving this goal for programmers or developers. It has several libraries that provide convenience while analyzing data. Some of them are Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, e.t.c.

When we talk about Google, we must think about how much data it generates per day. It’s hundreds of terabytes of data per day. To give a better user experience, getting essential or valuable information from those data is necessary. However, most of the works are done by deep learning or machine learning models developed on the python programming language.

However, Python is not solely used for this, but some other programming languages, such as R, Golang, e.t.c. are also used along with Python. Above all these, several certification courses are available online for Data Analysts by Google. This implies the need for data analysis at Google.

System Automation

So, system automation refers to the task of avoiding the functioning of the system from human intervention. It helps to replace time-consuming tasks with IT automated tasks. Moreover, it aims to replace repeatable processes, which continuously include manual intervention.

At google, such software is set up to process the repeated instructions to save time and free IT staff to achieve excellence in the work. So, it can be proved as one of the powerful tools to achieve scalability and cost-effectiveness. Now, the software needed to fulfill such a goal can be quickly developed using Python.

There are several machine learning libraries, deep learning libraries, and many communication libraries such as Telnet Library, which helps us develop software to do these kinds of automation. Along with these, there are several security automation software network management software developed to minimize human intervention.

Moreover, we can also consider some IoT devices. There is also a need for programming languages, and Python stands there too. In this domain, google developed different devices that help automate tasks such as home automation, calling a person, setting reminders or alarms, e.t.c. Google assistant is one of those examples. This can handle several tasks independently, just with a bit of instruction to them. Python is highly used to develop software for such devices and other programming libraries.

Open Source Libraries of Python by Google

Along with other uses, many open-source libraries are created using Python. Some of them are Google Data Python Client Library which makes it easy to access data through Google Data APIs, or Google AdWords API Python Client Library, which easier to handle AdWords accounts.


So, today in this article, we have seen a glimpse of how Python is used at Google. We have seen some of the use cases where Google uses Python. Besides, we have also seen different domains and how these domains use Python. I hope this article has helped you. Thank You.

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